Calendula Winter Protection Wax for Pet Paws

At the Historical Romance Retreat in September, we promised to send out this recipe to the attendees and our readers! So here it is!

This recipe has a pretty simple rule of 3! I love this recipe because it helps to protect my dogs’ paws when they go outside to play in the snow. The protection wax is also edible, so if they are licking their paws that’s okay! I wouldn’t however feed it to them as a treat!


3oz of beeswax

3tbsp Calendula oil

3tbsp Avacado oil

3tbsp Coconut oil

3tbsp of Calendula flowers


In a pot, for about 3 minutes, melt all of the ingredients together over very low heat.

Once melted, spoon the mixture into several small containers or one larger one. I like to use old lids (3 of them!). If you are using canning lid that has a separate ring/top, line with tin foil.

Allow the mixture to cool before use. When your pet is ready to go outside, simply press their paws into the wax!



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