List Lassies — 30 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Not sure what to ask for? Not sure what you should treat yourself to over the holidays (don’t worry – we all do it 😉 )?

The List Lassies are here to help!! Lori Ann Bailey, Madeline Martin and I put together our favorite things and shared them over 30 days on our FaceBook pages. Now that the 30 days are over, we’re all going to be sharing this list on our blogs to make it quick and accessible for you to check out 🙂 ***Please note prices are subject to change – we are putting the prices they are as of this article***

From stocking stuffers to main presents to things to add to your wish list, we’ve got it all!

  • Puzzle

Always a fun favorite to do with the family or on your own.

Puzzle: $17.99

  • Cat Post It Holder

This little guy is super cute and always has a post it note handy for you. I named mine George and I love him!

Cat Post It Holder $7.99:


This is an inexpensive place to find great gifts

  • Stitch Fix

A great way to try new fashions that get delivered right to your door. You can get your fix every couple of weeks, monthly, every other month or quarterly! The cost is $20 a month, plus whatever you end up buying—you could keep your whole fix, or send back pieces, or send back the whole thing. We all use this service and love it! $25 off your first order!  

For adults:

For kids:

  • Hot Brush

Rather than spending ages straightening my hair and having it look too flat, I use a hot brush! It takes less than 5 minutes to do all my hair and keeps some body in it. I LOVE this thing!

Hot Brush $39.99:

  • Color Changing Gel Polish

Do your own gel polish at home and have fun with the color changing polish!

Beginner Set: $94.99 

Color Changing Gel Polish : $19.99

  • Erin Condren Planners

These are customizable and have all kinds of wonderful accessories you can buy with them. We all love these planners SO much!

Erin Condren: Planer prices vary. $10 off your first order!

  • Apothic Brew Wine

It’s infused with cold brew coffee. It’s a wine unlike any you’ve ever tasted before with rich, caramel notes a smokiness that makes it super smooth. $15 at your local grocery store (or Total Wine if your grocer doesn’t carry it)

  • Calista Hair Styling Tool

This wonderful heated curling brush will leave your hair gorgeous in way less time than curling your hair with an iron or rollers!

Calista Hair Styling Tool $99.95:

  • Fun pens and inspiring notebooks

Nothing is better than gel pens in fabulous colors and some notebooks to inspire some good writing whether you’re journaling or planning your next book:

Uni-Ball Pens: $8.98

F*&%ing Brilliant Journal: $9.27

She Believed She Could So She Did Journal: $6.95

  • Duri Nail Growth Polish

This goes on clear and dries super quick. This stuff keeps my nails from splitting through the winter and helps them grow strong and healthy. I love it!

Duri Nail Polish for nail growth $13.98:

  • Canning Funnel

Hate the mess it makes pouring soup into a thermos for lunch? So do we – and this canning funnel is the perfect solution! No more soup mess again!

Canning Funnel $15.95:

  • InstaPot

Throw your ingredients in here and have a meal ready in 20 minutes. It’s really that easy! Also, this thing makes the perfect hard boiled eggs that peel like a dream! I just bought one after this came up on our list and I LOVE mine (because I hate cooking and anything that makes cooking easier makes me happy).

InstaPot: $129.95

  • Rothy’s

After seeing ads for these shoes for over a year, I finally bought a pair. They’re super comfortable, stylish and WASHABLE! I’ve washed mine about a half dozen times and they look as new as when I first bought them. LOVE them!

Rothy’s $145

Save $20 off your first order with this great coupon:

  • Very Bradley Backpack

Not only is this super cute, but it’s lightweight and can hold a LOT. All the items in this picture fit perfectly!

  • Tasty Cook Book

Full of all kinds of yummy treats! This gift is perfect for the chef in your family, or even someone who just loves to eat delicious food!

Tasty Cookbook: $13.74

  • Lash Boost

I confess, I was a skeptic. But I love the idea of super long lashes. I was not disappointed! After two months of using this every day, my lashes were super long (almost to my eyebrows – seriously!). While expensive, the bottle lasted me almost nine months, so a little definitely goes a long way!

Lash Boost (Rodan and Fields) $150. However, my rep knew I’d be putting LashBoost on my list because of how much I love it and offered a special price of $120 (plus tax) for anyone who mentioned having seen it on the List Lassies ? YAY!!

You can contact her via her FB page:

  • Novel Destinations Book

Would you love to travel to places written into books? Let this be your roadmap! This fun book is full of whimsy you can bring to real life!

Novel Destinations $16

  • Kindle Paperwhite

Don’t own a kindle because you can’t give up the look of a paperback novel? This kindle might be exactly what you need. This reader is designed to look just like an actual paperback page when you read it! Is it any wonder this one made the list? 🙂

Kindle Paperwhite: $99.99

  • Color Changing Straws

These are the perfect stocking stuffer for the kids (or kid-at-heart) in your life. These change color with cold water so fast, it will change as you’re drinking from it! Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe! (be still my heart!)

Color Changing Straws $6.99:

  • Food Scale

It’s easy to go overboard with food and this handy dandy kitchen gadget will help keep you in line. It’s easier to track food and meet goals with this thing (only don’t blame me when you see how small 5 oz. of wine REALLY is).

Salter Food Scale $27.18:

  • Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are great for helping keep us healthy, especially this time of year when the family sickness spreads like wildfire. Tame those germs with the soothing scents of lavender, citrus and all other natural essential oils that will keep you healthy and your house smelling fabulous!

Oil Diffuser: $23.99

Assorted Herb/Floral Oils: $35.99

Plant Therapy: $9.95

Germ Fighter –

Joyful Creation: $19.95

  • Cupcake Soap and Bath BonBons

Adorable and NOT edible (though they smell and look like they could be!) Handmade by TnT makes the most wonderful cupcake soaps and melting bath bonbons to give you the most luxuriously, sweetly-scented bathing experience ever! Also, check out her shea butter lip balm while you’re there – it’s like silk!

Cupcake Soaps/Bath BonBons:

Mini cupcakes: $1.50

Bonbons (each): $2.25

Shea Butter Lip Balm: $2.50

  • UV Driving/Outdoor Gloves

The only thing better than keeping one’s skin safe is doing so in style! This UV glove is perfect for those long hours in a car or when you might be stuck at a little league game and will keep those harmful UV rays off your skin. Plus, how pretty!!!

UV Driving/Outdoor Sports Gloves $15.89:

  • Plaid Scarf/Blanket

This gorgeous scarf is soft and chic! It’s big enough to use as a shawl or small blanket and yet can be used wrapped around your neck as a scarf for function and/or warmth. This fashion go-to is a must have for any fashionistas in your life!

Blanket/Scarf: $10.95

  • Sephora’s Perfume Sample

This sample kit includes Sephora’s top scents as well as a voucher for a full sized perfume of your choice. My youngest and I really enjoyed trying the new perfumes every day and rated them on a scale of 1 – 10 before deciding on the large sized bottle we got with our voucher. And all those little bottles are great for the gym bag and travel!

Sephora Holiday Perfume Sample $65:

  • Relaxation Kit

This is one you put together yourself and is a welcome sight indeed for every weary woman after the holiday craze.

To make, put together the following items:

Scented Epsom Salt, Herbal Tea, Coloring Book, and Colored Pencils

(Items can be found almost anywhere. Target, Walmart, Grocery Store, or Pharmacy)

  • FabFitFun Subscription Box

The name says it all! This subscription box has all sorts of wonderful goodies to spoil yourself with! It’s quarterly and loaded full of fabulous items! (see pic)

FabFitFun: $49.99 per box. 20% off your first box!

  • Globe In Subscription Box

This box is created from artisans all over the world. It could be handblown glass, a woven basket, carved soap stone plate, painted ceramic mug – there are so many wonderful things in this box. The best part: you get a book telling you about the international artisans who created your item and you get to learn about their life. It’s a great way to enjoy the world and help it at the same time!

Globe In Box A 3 month subscription costs $38/month:

You can get $30 off your premium subscription with this code:

  • Bluetooth Ear Buds

These ear buds are a fantastic way to go wireless and keep your tunes close. We especially like getting to go grocery shopping with them in while listening to our favorite music or a new audiobook!

Hussar Bluetooth Earbuds $21.97:


We hope you enjoyed our list as much as we enjoyed putting it together and hope you were able to get some great ideas from it as well. Feel free to comment with your own gift suggestions!!

Also, make sure you stay posted on our FB pages as we’ll be doing another fun round of List Lassies for Valentine’s Day with ideas that go beyond chocolate and flowers 😉

Eliza Knight

Lori Ann Bailey

Madeline Martin

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