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Today I’m sharing a snippet from Bambi Lynn‘s book A Knight in Rusted Armor.

Fanny indicated her own linen dress. “Is this not acceptable?”

“Oh.” Allys took in the simple tunic. Perhaps if she wore a similar garment, Paul would not be so inclined to paw at her the entire day. “Yea, ’tis fine.”

They walked down to the bailey where Paul waited with two mounts. He made no pretense to hide his disappointment at Fanny’s presence. Still, he chatted aimlessly while they waited for the stable boy to fetch another horse.

The three rode through the castle gates and entered the grassy meadow beyond. Allys and Paul rode side by side with Fanny following at a discreet distance.


Allys Stone would risk repute as a ruined woman to gain control of her life. Thorin Svenson would battle the most skilled knights in the realm to win her. Theirs is a love story of fairy tales and wild passion, a battle of wills as well as brawn.

Allys wants to choose her own husband, one who loves life and laughter as much as she does. One who considers her a partner instead of a possession. She has never had any choice but to live by her father’s decisions, and now he’s offering her as grand prize in a tournament.

Thorin must win the hand of a nobleman’s daughter to regain the wealth and position of his family. Consumed by guilt, he will risk his very life to win. Not even her attempts to sabotage his victory will get in his way.

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Mary Morgan

Wonderful scene, Bambi. Happy Medieval Monday to all!

    Bambi Lynn

    Thanks, Mary. <3

Judith Sterling

Allys knows what she’s about, but will it work? Great snippet, Bambi! Have a lovely week.

    Bambi Lynn

    Thanks, Judith! <3

Cathy MacRae

Wondering how long before Fanny becomes ‘lost’… Great snippet, Bambi!

    Bambi Lynn

    Thanks, Cathy! <3


I’m so glad that Allys has Fanny! Great snippet, Bambi!

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