Destination Love


Go the distance, fall farther than you planned...

Don’t bother with your passport – you can watch our HOT couples fall in love from the comfort of your couch! USA Today bestsellers Christi Barth, Eliza Knight, Misty D. Waters and Piper J. Drake, and Christina Elle take you along on sexy, romance-drenched vacations all over the globe. Enjoy the exotic settings, the steamy vacation flings that become something more. Take the plunge with five couples as they throw caution to the wind and give in to temptation. The final destination in this itinerary is love, and you’re in for the trip of your life.

Cruising Toward Love by Christi Barth
Can an unexplained breakup and ten years of heartache be cured by the romance – and endless buffets – of a tropical cruise? When her sister is left at the altar, small town librarian Zoe Balis jumps at the chance to take the bride’s unused ticket for the honeymoon cruise. But she didn’t count on sharing a cabin with the man who broke her heart ten years ago!

Wherever You Are by Eliza Knight
After life takes a heart-breaking turn, Calista Adams indulges in a fling while on vacation. But that steamy encounter fills her heart with something she thought never to have again. Maxwell Dane can’t stop thinking about Calista, but he’s home in Paris, she’s an ocean away. Until Calista takes a nine-week sabbatical to travel Europe. With a second chance in sight, Max won’t let her push him away. This could be the forever kind of love, and there’s only one way to find out.

Tell Me No Lies by Misty D. Waters
A handsome B&B owner plus an exotic vacation equals a rare opportunity for overworked single mom Amelia Spenser: a chance to be someone else. For one week, she’s free to be anyone he wants. And she wants to be his perfect match. He doesn’t have to know who she really is. What’s a few lies for the sake of a week they’ll never forget? It’s not like they’ll fall in love…

Finding His Mark by Piper J. Drake
Security chief Michael Hunt brings in wet work specialist Sushar “Su” Sakda to pose as his woman, find his mark, and eliminate the threat—an assassin hunting in his organization. They make a potent pair for this job, and if they survive, their sizzling pretense could become the real thing.

Anywhere With You by Christina Elle
Teegan Michaels has attended six weddings for her sorority sisters dateless and she refuses to go to the last one alone. Not when she has a perfectly respectable—not to mention hot—NFL player ready to save her from humiliation. Who cares that he’s the bride’s ex-fiancé and only wants to go for revenge? What’s the worst that could happen?

But she laid claim to his heart...

Headstrong and fierce, Éabha MacDonell’s true nature has been buried for six long years in a marriage that fills her with shame, and has kept her tucked in the shadows. But the death of her husband, and being forced from the only home she’s ever known, brings freedom in a way she’d never imagined. Free to rediscover parts of herself she’d thought never to behold again—her love of art, her desire for children. But most of all, the tug at her heart, the warmth of a secret glance and the heat of a passionate embrace.

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“What are you doing out here?”

“Staring at the stars.” She shrugged.

Max laughed softly. “No, I mean, here in Grand Cayman.”

“Vacationing like everyone else.” Calista turned away. What little part of her had felt the need to open up to this stranger tightened. Talking with a handsome stranger was one thing, relaying the melancholy that was her life was another.

“I don’t mean to pry,” Max said softly.

Calista’s lips curved slightly as she flicked her gaze at him. “Yes you do.”

Max laughed and tapped his hand to his chest. “You got me. I do.”

A little flip of her belly, and she found herself letting her guard down again. “Forgetting.” Though, she was doing a better job remembering and wallowing than anything else. And she had every right, didn’t she? “Forgetting,” she said again quietly, as if hoping to convince herself to do so.

He nodded but didn’t ask any more, as if he could understand the need to forget. He lay down beside her, stretched his legs out so the waves touched his feet and tucked his hands beneath his head. “Have to admit, this is a nice view.”

And it was. But Calista wasn’t looking at the stars anymore. She was staring down at Max. At his lean, cut body and the chisel of his features, dark reddish-brown hair that resembled the color of an old, lucky penny. He was handsome. Hot. Looking at him, a spark of desire flashed inside her, coursing its way along her limbs, making her breasts feel heavy, achy. God, she hadn’t felt like that in a while. Not even with Randy.

Desire. Need. Yearning.

If she were anyone else, she might have taken the opportunity that was being presented to her. Might have taken the chance and jumped this hot hunk’s bones. But she wasn’t any other person. She was Calista Adams. Jilted bride.

Tearing her gaze away from him, she flopped back onto the sand, her arm over her eyes.

“Can’t see the stars like that,” he murmured.

A smiled snaked over her lips, and she tried to stifle it. But all that kept running through her mind was the way she felt so at peace with Max here, lying beside her in the shallow water, waves lapping at their feet. And how wrong that had to be. Right? She shouldn’t feel like this. Not yet.

She’d not felt at peace since her life was inexplicably torn apart. Not since she’d lost—

“Do you live near the beach?” Max asked.

Calista cleared her throat, thrusting her sadness away. “No,” she whispered.


“Why do you ask?”

“Because of how comfortable you are just lying here. Sand in your hair. Clothes rumpled. As though it’s part of a routine you couldn’t live without.”

A routine she couldn’t live without. Warm water slicked up her legs, a gentle breeze soothed her soul. And this man… He was making her think of things that she’d not yet touched on. What she couldn’t live without. And that was affection, kissing, companionship, love.