The Highlander's Hellion

Lady Greer has held the reputation of hellion since the moment she could walk. So, it is no wonder, that after being forbidden by her father, the Earl of Sutherland, she steals a boat and rows out into the firth anyway. What was supposed to be a relaxing autumn jaunt irrevocably changes her life when a storm ravages the chill waters. Just when she’s certain death is upon her, the sweet caress of land is at her fingertips… but so is a familiar, fearsome Highlander.

Roderick MacCulloch, Laird of Gleann Mórinnse Castle, did not expect to find a soaked, and venomous, lass upon his shores when he is out scouting his property. When she demands he take her back to her clan, he recognizes her at once as the mischievous lass who taunted him at a festival several years prior. Perhaps he ought to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Certain her father will be raising an army to find her, Greer will do just about anything to get home before she causes war between the Sutherlands and any other clans. When the handsome warrior says he’d be happy to escort her if she can pass three tests of skill, Greer thinks it might just be too easy. And she’s right. What was at first Roderick’s taste of revenge on the lass who humiliated him turns into a merry chase across the Highlands, that leads them both to passion… and maybe even love.Enter your text here...

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